NYT Strands 03/26/2024 Answers

Answer for Strands Game for 26 March, 2024.
Today’s NYT Strands puzzle is created/edited by Heidi Erwin. The slogan of the game is ‘Uncover Words’.

This is exactly what you need to do. Based today’s theme you must uncover 6 answer words and one SPANGRAM to complete the puzzle.

If you were unable to find all the 6 words or the spangram check our solutions.

Theme is That’s fantastic!

Answers are

  • Spangram: MYTHOLOGICAL
  • OGRE

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3 thoughts on “NYT Strands 03/26/2024 Answers”

  1. I don’t understand where the spangram is. I”m excited there’s a new game but right now I’m stumped!

    1. Hi Vicky
      According to NYT. The spangram is the puzzle’s and touches two opposite sides of the game grid. They say it can also be two words.
      An example would be
      FRUIT in the middle of theme words such as Pear, Apple, Pineapple etc

  2. OK . . . I cheated and found the answers. so the theme phrase isn’t literal . . . fantasy is the theme, thus “mythological”. this is hard. I will try again tomorrow without cheating!

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