NYT Mini Crossword Answers

The New York Times Mini Crossword is a small daily crossword, on Saturdays the puzzle gets bigger and becomes 7 by 7. The mini has been an important game of the Crossword app since it was launched and for many people it paves the way to the bigger puzzle. When the mini becomes too easy to solve and you need a bigger challenge it is time to ‘up’ your game.

Mini Crossword Answers

As the name suggests The Mini is a small puzzle which could be addictive. It is easy to work, it is free – however it is not particularly easy to solve. Some people manage to solve this morning brain exercise under tree minutes but that is not always the case. What we promise you is that no matter how long it takes solving it – you will feel clever after completing it.
The short time it takes to finish the puzzle makes it convenient for the game to be a day starter. It doesn’t take much from your time and you may play it wherever and whenever you have the time.

A Little History

In the summer of 2014, a seemingly inconspicuous crossword puzzle debuted in The New York Times. It was the birth of what would later become a beloved daily ritual for hundreds of thousands of solvers, known as the Mini crossword. The journey began with an experiment, and the puzzle’s remarkable evolution has since exceeded all expectations.

A Modest Start

The initial Mini crossword didn’t exactly start with a bang. It sparked a flurry of social media chatter within hours of publication due to the inclusion of an abbreviated internet profanity, causing the crossword’s creator, a new editorial assistant at The Times, to contemplate whether their first day on the job would also be their last. Swiftly, the clue was revised to reference a musical group, steering clear of slang.
The date was August 21, 2014, and The New York Times had recently introduced a crossword app that featured the Mini as part of its offerings. The objective was straightforward: entice more people to try the main New York Times crossword puzzle, renowned for its formidable challenge, which could be intimidating to novice solvers. Read More