Google’s 25th Birthday Doodles you can Play

It’s Google’s 25th birthday and it is by far the most visited website in the world, serving as the preferred choice of search engine following the decline of Yahoo in the early 2010s.

Google the most visited search engine in the world. The go-to place where you can get almost any answer for all the questions you have is celebrating it’s 25th year of birth.Our most preferred search engine choice has come a long way since its inception in September of 1998.

How google looked like in 1998

Now owned by its parent company Alphabet and lead by Sundar Pichai it is ranked as one of the most valuable companies in the world. Slightly less valued than apple but far more valued than other big names such as Walmart, IBM etc

Google is so popular that in fact ‘Google it’ has become synonymous with ‘Search it’ and it has been added in the dictionary of English language as such.  To celebrate this long history of success here are some Google games you can play Google for a short period of time.

    1. Crossword Puzzles: tried and tested through decades of popularity, crossword puzzles are a chilled out way to challenge your vocabulary knowledge and to expand your vernacular.


    1. Basketball 2012: this game was first released in 2012 and is pretty straightforward, the player simply has to shoot the ball into the basket to score as many points as possible before the time runs out.


    1. Pacman: Another classic involving our yellow friend looking to avoid being caught by ghosts, and occasionally even chasing after them himself.


    1. Halloween: is a halloween themed Doogle as you can imagine from the name it has. Since halloween season is coming this is a nice game to play. You are a cat fighting monsters.


    1. Coding: Coding is a perfect game even for kids who want to sharpen their logical thinking and serves as an educational game to learn some very basic tasks and coding skills.