Apple Joins the Crossword World

Apple Expands its Ecosystem with Puzzles, Podcasts, and News

Apple News+ Crossword Apple News Plus Crossword Puzzle

Apple, the tech giant associated with innovation, has ventured into the domains of puzzles and news with its well-known grace. Silently introduced within the Apple News app, there is a whole new section devoted to puzzles. It features a daily crossword puzzle and a daily mini-puzzle. 

Apple made a significant strategic move by forming a partnership with the Puzzle Society. They now have their experienced team in charge of creating and managing these crossword puzzles. Currently, they are working with well-known crossword artisans to elevate the overall puzzle experience.

A Piece of the Puzzle Pie

Apple’s entry into the world of puzzles is not a solitary endeavor. In a clear demonstration of Apple’s dedication to the art of crosswords, it has teamed up with the Puzzle Society, enlisting renowned crossword creators to curate and craft captivating puzzles. 

With a focus on accessibility, Ross Trudeau, Apple’s puzzles editor, emphasizes a departure from obscure references that might confound solvers. The aim is to make crosswords more inclusive, welcoming newcomers without intimidating them with esoteric terms.

Apple vs. The New York Times

Puzzles have taken center stage in The New York Times, contributing to increased user engagement and retention of their subscribers for their bundles. The intellectual nature of puzzles aligns seamlessly with the realm of news offerings. While Apple’s initial puzzle offerings consist of crosswords, the Times has recently introduced a new puzzle called “Connections,” which has garnered positive reception. If Apple’s crosswords find a receptive audience, additional puzzle genres may be included, too.

Potential for Expansion

While Apple’s initial puzzle offerings focus on crosswords, it remains to be seen whether the company will introduce additional puzzle formats. The Times recently launched a puzzle called “Connections,” which has garnered considerable interest. If Apple’s crosswords prove popular, the addition of other puzzle types seems plausible.

A Unified Content Experience

Apple has taken steps to bring its podcast app closer in alignment with Apple News, Apple Music, and other services. This includes incorporating shows from Apple Music’s radio stations into the podcast app, as well as featuring Apple News podcasts like “Apple News Today.”

Additionally, Apple News is set to launch a new podcast called “Apple News+ Narrated,” featuring professional voice actors narrating stories from Apple’s publishing partners.

Lauren Kern, Apple News’s editor-in-chief, expressed excitement about “Apple News+ Narrated”: “Now subscribers can enjoy narrated articles representing some of the best journalism from News+ publishers on Apple Podcasts as well as in Apple News.”

Third-Party Podcast Subscriptions

Recognizing the growing trend of publishers offering subscription-based podcasts, Apple is now facilitating the connection of third-party subscriptions to its podcast app. This means that users with subscriptions to services like Calm or The Washington Post can seamlessly integrate their subscriptions with the podcast app, granting access to subscription-only podcasts directly within the app.


Apple’s entry into the world of puzzles and the evolution of its podcast offerings prove the company’s commitment to delivering an array of captivating content within its ecosystem. By diving into new different services, they both challenge their established competitors and open the doors to innovation and engagement across their apps and services. So, whether you’re a crossword enthusiast or a podcast fan, Apple continues to evolve and expand their services to serve you better.