Nytimes Crossword in Augmented Reality on Instagram

The NY Times crossword puzzle keeps up with latest tech trends and now you no longer have to get the paper edition of the newspaper to get your hands on the famous puzzles. In fact all you need to do is open the Instagram app and try solving the game in Augmented Reality.

This new game was built with Facebooks Spark AR technology, nytimes says, and it is not the first time that the company has created an AR gaming version of a game although it’s not the first time the nytimes company has worked with AR technology.

This new A.R version  of the New York Times crossword looks a bit different from the classic one. The popular  newspaper collaborated with Instagram (not for the first time), to reveal a new Augmented Reality effect which allows players to play the puzzle in your story thanks to this new method of playing.

The AR effect for this weeks Wednesday crossword, allows you to visualise in voic space the crossword puzzle grid and join the shattered letters together. So you have to put back the shattered crossword puzzle, find the words among the shards by changing your perspective.

In order to do this simply the phone’s camera in space to quickly find the right angle to find the letters making up the missing answers. This gesture actually proved to be a bit complicated for some users on social media as some people posted on twitter or facebook asking for help because they struggled in trying to find the right angle to arrange the letters.